Everything from Scratch- Whole wheat Crackers with Peanut butter

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My second recipe from my Everything from Scratch series. This snack is absolutely healthy and packs in a whole lot of proteins and complex carbohydrates. Talking about the crackers, this is one of the most simple and basic recipe. Skip the unnecessary refined carbohydrates and opt for the healthier options. You can also go ahead and skip the sugar and add some jaggery or honey. Adjust the water accordingly. Coming to the peanut butter, do yourself a favor and try it out at home. Trust me, you would never be buying peanut butter again. Insanely simple steps, just two ingredients and within two hours you have creamy and rich peanut butter. Get creative and add in your preferred flavors if the plain one doesn’t suit your palate. Honey, cinnamon, maple syrup, chilies and even chocolate goes well with peanut butter, so get blending.


  • For Peanut Butter
    • Peanuts- 500 gm
    • Salt- 2 tbsp
  • For whole wheat cinnamon crackers
    • Whole wheat flour/Atta- 200 gms
    • Salt- 4 gms or 1/2 tsp
    • Sugar- 16 gms or 2 tsp
    • Water- 100 ml
    • Olive oil- 30 ml
    • Cinnamon powder- 2 tsp


  • For Peanut Butter
    • Place the peanuts in a baking tray.
    • Roast the peanuts at 250 Degrees Centigrade/480 Degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.
    • Taste the peanuts and check if the peanuts are well roasted.
    • Let the peanuts cool down.
    • Now take a duster and place a handful of peanuts in it. Cover and rub the duster over the peanuts. The friction results in the shells coming off easily. De-skin all the peanuts.
    • Now place the peanuts in a blender. Add salt and blend till it becomes smooth and creamy peanut butter.
  • For whole wheat cinnamon crackers
    • In case you feel like using cinnamon barks, grind it in a grinder or ground it using a mortar and pestle.
    • Measure all the ingredients. Preheat the oven at 220 degrees Centigrade/428 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Mix all the dry ingredients. Then add the olive oil and mix. Add the water and mix all the ingredients to form a dough.
    • Divide the dough into two balls. Cover one dough ball while working with the other to prevent any skin formation on the other one.
    • Place a parchment paper or butter paper onto the rolling surface. Place the dough ball on the paper and sprinkle some flour in the rolling pin as well as the surface.
    • Roll out the dough into a thin sheet. Using a pizza cutter or a knife, cut out desired shapes.
    • Prick the surface using a fork to allow the air to escape while baking, else the crackers will puff up.
    • Shift the butter paper or parchment paper to the baking tray and brush the crackers with some olive oil.
    • Bake at 220 degrees Centigrade/428 degrees Fahrenheit for 15- 20 minutes or until the crackers are golden brown on top.
    • Cool it down and place in an airtight container or have it right away.


  • Simply grab a cracker, smear some peanut butter on top. Slice up some bananas and place on top of peanut butter. It is delicious as itself, but you can definitely drizzle some caramel sauce or chocolate sauce on top.

Bonus Tips:

  • Removing the skins from the peanuts could be boring so get someone to help you from beforehand. In case there are kids around, this might be a good way to keep them engaged.
  • I add the salt to bring out the flavor of the peanuts.
  • For crunchy peanut butter, keep some peanuts aside before blending and then crush them using a mortar and pestle or any other heavy object. Add it to the peanut butter.
  • For the crackers, go ahead and use your preferred oil.
  • If you prefer some toppings on your crackers, add them after brushing some oil on top before baking. One of my favorites is chia seed and sesame seed crackers.

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I am a chef who loves her work and this blog is a an extended part of passion to be shared with others.

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