Pesto- Low fat Indian version

Good day to you all!

I decided this morning to give my little basil plant a trim. Here is a picture of my tiny produce.

So obviously I would make a basic pesto, but it is difficult and expensive to use parmesan cheese as well as pine nuts. I always believe in infusing what is locally available , therefore here is a low fat indian version of the classis pesto sauce.


  • Basil(washed)- 55gm
  • Refined oil – 3 teaspoon
  • Garlic cloves – 6 gm or 5 cloves
  • Almond – 20gm or a handful
  • Salt
  • Seed mix (optional)


  • Peel the garlic and soak the almonds in water.
  • In a blender, put in all the ingredients and blend.
  • Adjust the salt according to taste and enjoy your homemade pesto.

Bonus tip:

  • I have used refined oil instead of olive oil. You can always go for the classics and choose to add olive oil.
  • I have tried using cashew nuts instead of almonds and it gives a little more creamy texture.
  • I purchased a seed mix comprising of sunflower, watermelon and pumpkin seed from “Nature’s basket”. I have added this to my pesto to make it healthier.
  • I have skipped the use of cheese as I would prefer it to be low fat.

Published by Alisha Sarkar

I am a chef who loves her work and this blog is a an extended part of passion to be shared with others.

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